Judy Sheindlin dishes on starring with granddaughter Sarah Rose on ‘Judy Justice’

“Judy Justice” is back for Season 2 — with law clerk Sarah Rose as a newly minted lawyer after passing the bar.

Rose, 25, is, as fans know, the granddaughter of “Judy Justice” creator/host Judy Sheindlin. She added a jolt to the show’s first season on Amazon Freevee along with stenographer Whitney Kumar and bailiff Kevin Rasco.

“We did something in LA five or six years ago, a place where there were journalists and somebody just stick a mic under [Sarah’s] nose and started asking her questions,” Sheindlin, 80, told The Post in a wide-ranging chat about the new season.

“I think it was her first or second semester in college, and I hear this person responding in a cogent, well-thought-out and yet extemporaneous statement and I said, ‘Oh my God, this kid who couldn’t make her own bed is really terrific.’ She thinks on her feet, weaves and bobs … I always knew she had a good sense of humor and was a little bit cranky for a young person, which I’ve always liked.

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