A New Court Session Has Started with Judge Judy Justice

Judge Judy Sheindlin has a new court program called “Judy Justice” that will be launched to stream on November 1. This is an opportunity for you to be among the first people to have your case decided by Judge Sheindlin in this brand new format.

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Court is back in session!

Judge Judy Sheindlin is back with a new TV courtroom program you can stream on IMDb daily. Known for making fair decisions on real cases, Judy Justice TV offers brand new insight into the lives and cases of people from all over the country. The Judy Justice court is now accepting case submissions for appearances on the show, where you can have a chance at justice in front of a live courtroom audience. Catch Judy Justice on daily streaming and experience the cultural phenomenon for yourself. All verdicts are final in Judy Justice live streaming. Experience a new era in courtroom television with Judy Justice on IMDb!

Live Session Courtroom Program – Watch Judy Justice in the IMDb Courtroom

Judge Judy is returning for an IMDb original series where she serves justice in cases from people from all over the country. Joined by her granddaughter Sarah Rose as the court’s law clerk, you can expect Judy to hand out her popular brand of justice every weekday. The legacy continues from Judy’s past 25 years, allowing us a view of her courtroom where real cases are handled. Judge Judy returns in the first trailer for Judy Justice on IMDb TV, and you can catch new episodes every day to experience Judy Justice for yourself.

Are Judge Judy Cases Real?

Judy Justice – court is back in session! All cases shown throughout the series are completely real, and the justice that Judge Judy hands out is final. If you have a case you think could benefit from being heard by Judge Judy, you can quickly and easily submit the details to our site. You could be one of the first cases heard in the new Judy Justice courtroom!

Where Can I Watch Judy Justice?

Judy Justice is exclusively on IMDb TV for a new era in the courtroom where you can watch as real cases are heard. Get a first look at Judge Judy’s new courtroom series Judy Justice with daily streaming on IMDb. Do you have a case you would like Judge Judy Sheindlin to resolve? You can submit your case details through our website and have your chance to experience Judy Justice in person. Watch as the Judy Justice trailer brings Judge Judy back to the courtroom in a triumphant return that is sure to captivate and inspire.

Experience the Excitement of Judy Justice Yourself Every Weekday

Judge Judy Sheindlin has been a worldwide sensation for over two decades, and now, she brings her extensive knowledge and brand of justice to IMDb TV. Get a glimpse into the world of Judy Justice with new episodes streaming each weekday, featuring real cases and real people. Want Judge Judy to hear your case? Submit the details using our form to see if you can be a part of the courtroom!


Submit Your Case

Do you have a case, or potential case, that you would like Judge Judy Sheindlin to hear on “Judy Justice”?

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